Sphinx International Airport welcomes flyEgypt first flight

published on 02/04/2023

On Saturday, April 1, 2023, Sphinx International Airport received flyEgypt flight coming from the Spanish capital, Madrid, with 180 tourists on board. This comes within the strategy of the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation to put all the capabilities of Egyptian airlines to flourish the tourism industry in Egypt. flyEgypt plans to operate number of international flights to Sphinx Airport to serve tourism in the pyramids and Giza and encourage one-day tourism. Sphinx Airport achieved remarkable success in a short period, as it witnessed a great turnout from airlines and tourists, due to its location near to the tourist area in Giza.

flyEgypt is currently contributing to revitalizing tourism coming to Egypt by operating 70 flights per week to main airports in Egypt. During the coming period, flyEgypt seeks to increase the number of destinations, whether from European cities or Middle Eastern cities. The company plans also to increase the size of its fleet during the coming years.

The airport authorities welcomed the plane with water cannons, which is the international procedure followed in the opening of new airlines or the arrival of the first flight to the airport.