In a precedent and only six months after the issuance of the AOC, FlyEgypt is an IOSA registered airline. On the 11th of February 2016, IATA announced FlyEgypt as an IOSA registered carrier. The inspection was performed by AQS on all FlyEgypt activities to ensure that the performance and application of all the activities is done within a clear set of documentation, processes and procedures. The IOSA registry indicates that FlyEgypt is proven safe, effective and efficient. A recognition to FlyEgypt by the industry that is dedicated to all FlyEgypt passengers and partners.

It is worth  mentioning that FlyEgypt started all IOSA preparations before the  AOC was issued by the  Civil Aviation Authority to ensure that all partners and passengers fly seamlessly compared to other IOSA certified carriers.It is a milestone towards offering the travelling public the right  product at the right price.